Ecosolaris Solar Heat Pump


  • Solar Powered

    First ever heat pump to work entirely on solar energy.

  • Wi-Fi Smartphone Access

    Control your solar heat pump on your smartphone

  • Heating and Cooling

    Versatile, it can both heat and cool to suit your requirements

  • UL/CSA/Energy Star rated

    Our solar heat pump is fully certified, making it a product you can count on.

  • On-Grid and Off-Grid Rated

    Use the grid at night or connect it to batteries if you're off-grid.


Two solar heat pump variants are available with the same unit: the hybrid and the off-grid heat pump.


The hybrid heat pump operates mainly on solar energy and is powered  by the electrical grid when needed. Typically, energy produced by solar panels is  used during sunny periods while the energy from the grid is used to make up the shortfall during non-sunny periods.

The heat pump does not require a grid connection to operate: the unit will automatically adjust its speed and heating or cooling capacity to the available solar power. However, a connection to the grid will be necessary if the unit needs to operate when there is no sunlight.


A DC booster can be installed on the outdoor unit of the heat pump to make it off-grid. This booster makes it work with batteries at all times. Knowing that it works only with solar energy, it allows its user to realize more energy and monetary savings.

The heat pump can be powered by any 48V battery bank (lead-acid, AGM, Gel or lithium), meaning it can be installed on any solar energy system.


The solar heat pump connects to Wi-Fi: it can be remotely controlled using the Ecosolaris app (available free on iOS and Android). The app allows you to adjust the temperature, the fan speed and to program the unit. Optimizing energy consumption has never been easier.


Eco-responsible, the solar heat pump uses free energy during sunny periods and limits energy needed during the non-sunny periods by using heat pump technology to heat or cool the premises. Moreover, in the case where the local electric grid uses non-renewable resources to produce its electricity, the solar heat pump helps reduce your carbon footprint.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can this AC work on solar only

Although the unit works with DC power, which is the same current that the solar panels use, the unit cannot operate solely on solar energy due to the unpredictability of solar power. During larger power fluctuations, the unit would start and stop indefinitely and could be damaged by this operation. Therefore, the unit needs to be supplied by a secondary source of power at all times. This could be the grid in the case of "hybrid" operation or the battery in the case of "off-grid" operation. In both cases, the unit operates with a secondary power source to stabilize its energy source.

Can this unit be powered by 2 energy sources at the same time?

As explained above, the unit REQUIRES being powered by two sources at all times. Although the secondary supply (battery or grid) can power the unit by itself, solar panels alone cannot power the unit due to their large variations in voltage throughout the day, influenced by various weather factors. Therefore, the primary source of power can and should be solar panels connected directly to the side of the outdoor unit, but a secondary source of power is necessary to stabilize even the slightest incoming power variations to the unit.

What type of batteries do I need?

When operated "off-grid," the unit needs to be powered by a 48-volt battery. This battery will then be used in conjunction with the Ecosolaris "DC booster."

Why do I need the DC booster when using the unit with a battery?

Ecosolaris's heat pump operates on direct current (DC) but at a higher setting than the traditional 12-24 or 48 volts. Our unit operates between 150 to 380 volts DC. Therefore, the DC booster is used to "boost" the 48 volts coming from the battery to the higher operating current range required by the Ecosolaris heat pump.

Our solar heat pump comes in two models to better suit your needs.

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Air-to-Air Solar Heat Pump – 12 000 BTU – Energy Star Certified
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Air-to-Air Solar Heat Pump – 18 000 BTU – Energy Star Certified
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$2,299.99 CAD
$2,899.99 CAD