How do I organize my PEX piping for even in-floor heating?

Before installing the PEX piping, we recommend using a can of paint to mark the floor divisions and door openings.

When installing the PEX piping, proper separation is needed to achieve better temperature control. In addition, the markings on the ground also make it possible to circumvent the divisions as much as possible.

If you ever want to have a single smart thermostat to heat all the rooms on a floor, we still recommend zoning each room, since our manifolds procur the possibility to control the flow of each circuit individually. Temperature changes will not be as accurate as having multiple smart thermostats, but it is still possible with only one.

Is it possible to obtain the same temperature in all rooms with a single smart thermostats?

No, the temperature will not be the same in all rooms due to multiple factors like: the size of the rooms, their surface area exposed to the exterior wall, the size of the windows, the amount of sunlight entering the room, etc…

This is why we usually install smart thermostats in each room. Having multiple smart thermostats regulate each room individually with the demanded temperatures.

What is the maximum length a manifold PEX piping circuit can have?

The length of a manifold PEX piping circuit should not exceed 300 linear feet, since the temperature difference between the outgoing and the returning fluid doesn’t exceed the required threshold.

So, to cover large spaces, you should not make a single pipe circuit, but rather several circuits of 300 ft. maximum.

How do I calculate the required length of PEX piping?

In general, the pipe installation is installed with a distance of 9 in. or 12 in. If you choose to have the piping at 9 in., calculate the surface area and multiply it by 1.5, if you choose to have it at 12 in., you must multiply by 1.2.

We offer convenient options for PEX rolls, available in-store and on our online store, or on Amazon. Our selection includes 300ft and 1000ft rolls to suit various project sizes and requirements.

For larger open spaces like garages, we recommend utilizing the 300ft rolls. However, if you are working on projects involving multiple rooms, opting for the 1000ft rolls is highly recommended. This is because the maximum length a single circuit can have is 300ft, and using 1000ft rolls helps minimize unnecessary wastage of PEX piping.

Let's consider an example to understand this better: Suppose you are installing PEX piping in a bathroom that requires 200 linear feet, if you were to use a 300ft roll, you would end up wasting 100ft of piping. However, by using a 1000ft roll, you would still have 800ft remaining, effectively saving 100ft of PEX piping from being wasted.

To ensure efficient usage and reduce waste, we encourage the use of 1000ft rolls when dealing with multiple rooms or projects. Additionally, it's worth noting that our pipes are conveniently marked every 5 feet, providing easy reference points during installation.

Note:You can use our online PEX calculator to get the PEX linear lenght that you need according to differents scenarios here.