In 2003, the parent company of Nordik Radiant, Ecosolaris, was founded.

As a pioneer in the field of eco-energy solutions, Ecosolaris initially focused on installing thermal solar systems. It was in 2013 that the company expanded its offerings to include the assembly and installation of hydronic radiant floor systems in response to the growing demand for this technology.

Meanwhile, photovoltaic solar systems were gaining popularity. Acknowledging the market shift, Ecosolaris shifted its focus from thermal solar to photovoltaic technology. The company also decided to allocate more resources to prefabricating radiant floor systems in workshops to offer quality service to self-builders and plumbers who lacked the expertise or time to assemble the components themselves.

However, juggling the promotion of photovoltaic solar and radiant flooring simultaneously became increasingly challenging for Ecosolaris. This prompted the company to reorganize its offerings to cater to the specific needs of two distinct customer bases.

To accomplish this ambition, in January 2024, Ecosolaris launched its brand new division, 'Nordik Radiant', dedicated exclusively to the radiant floor sector. This initiative enhanced and clarified the respective offerings of both entities, forming a coherent and comprehensive unit.

Just like its parent company, Nordik Radiant opened its own offices equipped with a showroom and a store-warehouse to continue providing impeccable personalized service to its customers. It also launched its online store, allowing customers to easily order products at highly competitive prices across Canada and United States. Additionally, Nordik Radiant established a robust online presence, including a Facebook page and a YouTube channel featuring high-quality bilingual videos addressing frequently asked questions. This strong online presence enabled more efficient interaction with its customer base.

The expertise of Ecosolaris' employees was leveraged within its new division, positioning it as a leader on the market for radiant floor systems, with its specialized personnel in radiant floor systems now working within the new entity, 'Nordik Radiant'