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Install our manifolds with confidence and enjoy the incomparable comfort of an Nordik Radiant hydronic radiant floor..

Nordik Radiant in-floor water and glycol hydronic radiant floor manifold - 4 loops inside the box

For professionals and self-builders

Our manifolds have been used by professionals and self-builders since 2003 for commercial and residential installations. You can count on us!

  • Nordik Radiant in-floor water and glycol hydronic radiant floor manifold - 4 loops

    Durability, performance and ease of control

    Made of stainless steel with all the components required for perfect flow control

  • Expertise in the field

    Thanks to our expertise in the field, we have developed a whole range of products and accessories for hydronic radiant floors. We only sell products that we have tested ourselves on the construction sites.

  • 4 wires actuator zone valve for water and glycol radiant floor manifold

    Comfort for a lifetime

    Add our hydronic radiant floor control components with confidence and enjoy the incomparable comfort of a Nordik Radiant s hydronic radiant floor heating system. Thanks to their adjustment possibilities, they will allow you to control the temperature of each of your rooms with precision.


Part descriptions of Nordik Radiant hydronic radiant floor heating system 4 loops manifolds

Nordik Radiant Manifolds

The Nordik Radiant stainless steel manifolds have been designed with durability, performance, and ease of control in mind. They provide a uniform temperature distribution and facilitate troubleshooting by being equipped with multiple indicators.

  1. 1’’ FNTP isolation ball valve
  2. Flowmeters
  3. Air vent (supply and return side)
  4. Thermometers (supply and return side)
  5. 1/2" Pex fittings included (can be optioannaly replaced with 3/4’’, 3/8’’ or 5/8’’ fittings)
  6. Balancing valve on each loop (replaceable by actuators)
  7. Wall mounting bracket
  8. Drain valves

Note: The 1/2" Compression Connectors for 1/2" PEX are INCLUDED.

Can also be used with 3/8'", 5/8'' and 3/4" PEX tubing with compression adaptors sold separately


  • Thermometers

    Our mamifolds are equipped with 2 thermometers. They are positionned on the return and the supply manifolds. They allow to measure the water temperature coming out from the manifold and moving through the various floor loops and compare it with the water temperature returning to the manifold. The delta (the difference between the hot water leavng the manifold and the cooler water returning to the boiler) is an indication how well your system is operating.

    Isolation ball valves

    These valves are used to shut-off the water circulation in the supply and return lines. Standard ball valves (red and blue) are used, offering a turn handle. Standard ball valve has one end with a union-type connection to be attached to the manifold. The other end is a 1 inch NTP female inlet. 

  • Flowmeters

    There devices are scaled-readers allowing to monitor the volume of water flowing through the radiant manifold’s outlets. Flowmeters are used to balance the flow of water or glycol in the various circuits. The visible part of a flowmeter is an engineered plastic graduated cylinder. You will see a flowmeter on each manifold port. Inside the cylinder a float indicates the water flow rate in the specific PEX loop connected to the manifold port. Water flow rate is graduated in Gallons per minute (GPM) and Liter per minute (L/min). Although non-essential, a manifold without flowmeters makes it very difficult to balance water flow in the various circuits of the system and to diagnose heating problem.

    Drain Valves

    Drain valves are used to drain the radiant heating system, during maintenance or repairs. These valves allow an easier purge and fill of the system. These valves, combined with the balancing valves, allow the system to be filled, circuit by circuit, when it is put into service, by evacuating as much air as possible from the system.

  • Air Vents

    Air vents are used to eliminate air accumulated inside the circuits. This component is essential on radiant heating manifolds. The air vents will automatically bleed the air, as it accumulates.  For better evacuation, our manifolds are equipped with 2 air vents (one on the fsupply side and one on the return side) which must always be installed head up. Then, the air will accumulate by gravity in the manifold and will become available for bleeding. 

    Balancing valves

    These valves allow to manually regulate the water flow inside the manifold. Each manifold outlet has its own valve, allowing increasing or reducing the flow through the loop. These adjustments are done to adjust the flow of hot water in the individual loops, consequently impacting on the temperature of that specific zone. These outlets adjustments have an impact on the entire heat flow of the manifold and its distribution, by modifying heat distribution in all the loops.

8 possibles mounting positions

8 mounting positions of Nordik Radiant hydronic radiant floor manifold

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