Nordik Radiant U-Clips

Nordik Radiant 300 U-Clip bag for attaching PEX 1/2 ” pipes to Isorad insulation - open box

To make their lives easier and speed up the installation of their hydronic radiant floor heating system, we recommend that our customers install their PEX piping on honeycomb insulation such as Isolofoam Isorad or Hydrofoam

Although this type of insulation generally holds the pipes in place well, it is still recommended to install U-Clips because the pipe may have a tendency to want to come out of the cells in certain places during the pouring of the slab. concrete

We therefore recommend installing U-Clips at the end of each curve, in a few places in the straight lines and in any other place deemed necessary to ensure that the pipes remain in place during the pouring of the concrete slab