Unforgettable Day: Launch of Nordik Radiant during the Open House

Unforgettable Day: Launch of Nordik Radiant during the Open House

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Last Friday, we had the immense pleasure of hosting the "Open House" event, which marked the official launch of Nordik Radiant. This event brought together a large number of suppliers, plumbers, and customers, all eager to discover our new offerings and share a convivial moment. Alison Drylie, Industrial and Commercial Development Advisor for the city of Saint-Jérôme, was also present at the event.

One of the highlights of the day was the presence of the Sinopé team, who took the opportunity to showcase their innovative range of smart home products. Visitors were able to see how these technologies can transform their daily lives by making their homes more connected and efficient.

Portes Ouvertes Nordik Radiant - Présentation des produits Sinopé
Portes Ouvertes Nordik Radiant - Démonstration de l'application Neviweb de Sinopé

The convivial atmosphere was further enhanced by a delicious BBQ lunch, prepared by Bouffe-Tout Traiteur, which delighted all palates. The menu featured hamburgers, chicken skewers, and pulled pork hot dogs, all meticulously prepared to satisfy every taste.

Journée Portes Ouvertes Nordik RadiantIn addition to the Sinopé product presentations, the event allowed visitors to discover Écosolaris's solar air conditioner. This eco-friendly and innovative technology generated a lot of interest and discussions, especially in the current context where energy efficiency is an increasingly relevant topic.

Portes ouvertes Nordik Radiant

This day was crowned with success thanks to the participation and enthusiasm of all the visitors present. We are delighted with the positive feedback and the excitement generated by Nordik Radiant. Buoyed by this success, we hope to organize similar events regularly to continue sharing our innovations and strengthening our ties with the community.

Thank you to everyone who helped make this day unforgettable. We look forward to seeing you at our next open house events!

To stay updated on our future events and launches, be sure to follow our news on social media and our website. See you soon!